Saturday, November 6, 2010

Kids are smart......but mommies can be smart too

The last few days have been busy and a bit crazy around here. As you may know, the last of the 40 nights are over so the day it came when I had to start to get strict with my Angie about her pickiness. Click here to learn about the 40 nights thing.
The first day I didn't go full blown. Do you know how hard and scary it is to face an ogre, I mean, my daughter on my own! And of course, she knew something was up.
I can almost hear her thoughts "hmmm, mom's acting weird.....I wonder what she's gonna try to do today?"

I did however let her know a few things and I was able to follow through.
First, if she asked for something to eat, she MUST eat it all.
Second, no more different snacks between meals. She may have a cookie or something like that after she has eaten all her food.
Third, she eats at the same times as we do. So, she gets breakfast at breakfast time. She may get ONE snack before it is time for lunch. Then it's lunch time. She may have another snack halfway through, before dinner. Then it's dinner.
Believe me, that is already tough enough!

Oh, and I made a very yummy yet healthy drink for her!!!!
I got V8 Fusion (with vegetables and fruits), and I added fat free vanilla ice cream. Put them in the blender and violá, a very delicious Smoothie!!!
Well at first, she really liked it.
I think after seeing me so happy that she was drinking it, she realized......hmmm, this can't be good.
So she didn't want to drink it anymore! Argh!
I made her drink a few more sips before I put it back in the fridge.

However, yesterday I made her drink all the rest of that.
Oh Yea, she fought me. And Yea, I saw the fake tears. And of course she tried to trade off the task for another know, like "mommy I promise to be good if you don't make me drink that" ha! Yeah, I've fell for that one in the past.
No more little one, no more! I gots smarter......spelled S-A-R-T.........I mean S-M-A-R-T! haha

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