Who is my sweet picky eater?

This is my sweet picky eater, Angie.
I know what you're thinking!  "Aw, but she looks so sweet!"  And she is!!!!  But don't let that fool you, my friend. This sweet girl is one tough, strong-willed child. Let me just tell you that I would much rather pick a fight with a giant ogre (if they'd be real...lol) than with my Angie.
Surely you must know a child like mine, you might even have one of your own at home! If you do, then I know you feel my pain.
If you don't........well, can we switch???  hahaha, I'm just kidding!

Anyway, follow me as I step in this battle with all my full armour on, shield, and even sword (please don't take me literally...lol).