Wednesday, October 27, 2010

T-Minus 6

October 27, 2010

This is my very first post on my blog. T-minus 6 refers to the number of days left for us to start our new challenge with my precious sweet picky eater. To learn more about the "challenge" and my sweet picky eater, check out the pages on the top.

This morning has started just like any regular morning.
7:30 am
Angie wakes up and tells me she's hungry.
I ask, what do you want for breakfast?
She asks, what can I have?
I say, you can have french toast sticks (frozen cinamon french toasts sticks).
She replies, about cocoa puffs?
I sigh.
Sure, I say.
A green bowl with Cocoa puffs and milk, coming right up!

8:36 am
Hey mommy, she calls out.
Me, I'm click-type-click-type on the computer.........yeah? I answer.
She asks, can I have a crabby patty? (Her nona bought these disgusting gummy crabby pattys from spongebob the other day).
Uhhh, no! my reply.
It is way too early for that honey. I said.

I will stand my ground. I will, I will, I will..........

9:30 am
She's hungry and asking now for the french toast sticks.
Here's her plate:
She ate it while she was in class. She has livelessons with a teacher and other students who are being homeschooled as well. I think it's nice and they get to interact with each other too.

Anyway, you might be wondering if all my blogs are going to be like this. And to that I have to say, yes and no.
At first, I want to give you a glimpse of the normal eating struggles we go through, the things she eats, how much she tries to control the situation, etc.
Once comes November 2nd, things will change and we will be a lot more stricter. We will be forcing her to at least try different foods, which right now she will fight you until the end.

Okay, so for lunch I asked her what she wanted, she said more french toast sticks. Umm, no honey, you can't eat that all day long, I told her.

She then asked for chicken ramen noodle. I sigh.
Do I really want to fight her today? Hmmph, no, not today, we'll keep it as "normal" as possible, so I cooked the mmmmm-super delicious and healthy ramen noodles! Yeah, I'm sure you can catch my sarcasm
About 10 minutes after she started eating, she accidentally knocked the whole bowl full of the noodles! Grrrr!
Let me tell you that by this time, I'm not as patience as when I woke up early at 4:15 am. Especially because at that time she's still sleeping! LOL
So, we both cleaned her mess and she had to get changed.
I'm not too happy, but I do know it was an accident. However, I have told her millions of times to watch what she's doing. So, I told her she's just going to have to wait for dinner, unless she wants to eat what I'm eating, which was left over rice and beans. Of course she declined.

Now daddy's on his way home and he called me to tell me he's making homemade chicken fingers. That's about the only meat Angie eats. When we make them, Angie gets really excited and really involved in the kitchen, so it's always a big night when we are having them.
I will take some pictures of the cooking event and post them later.

It is now the end of the day, finally! :)
My husband came with all the stuff to cook the homemade crispy chicken fingers. I was able to get a few pics before I had to get going, since Wednesday nights are my Bible study.
So here there are!!!!

Check out the recipe on the top bar :)

All in all, a very successful dinner with my sweet picky eater! She ate very good and after dinner, she and my husband baked cookies. My husband took a couple of videos of them baking together. I might upload them tomorrow.

Dear Lord, Thank you so very much for another day with my family. I pray we all have a good nite sleep and we all wake up tomorrow morning with praises on our lips. Lord you are worthy of all our praises. We are struggling with this eating situation, but we know Father that you are in control. We love you and we thank you. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always so sweet to see another new face.
    I hope you have fun with yours! Blessings as you work on your challenge!